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Screenshot main dashboard
Screenshot main dashboard

LPos is a software solution for retailers, wholesalers and traders. Started as a POS system for record stores, but has since grown into an (almost) all-encompassing system for sales, purchasing and stock management, regardless of which products you sell.

With LPos you sell your stuff through your real-life store (LPos checkout module), and / or through your webshop (LPos webshop module) or, for example, sell via Bol.com (Bol module); omnichannel sales.

You can buy your inventory via the integrated plugins from Bertus and Phononet, or simply by e-mail or telephone.

LPos runs “in the cloud” and is a so-called SaaS (Software As a Service). In concrete terms, this means: From any device with an internet connection (for example a PC at your sales counter) you can manage all important aspects of your store with LPos. From your store, but also from a temporary location; an iPad with 4G is sufficient. You don't have to download, install or maintain anything yourself: LPos is always available.


LPos was conceived and built as a fully modular system. The idea behind this is that users only purchase those modules and / or plugins that they use.

Some users (only) have a shop (so: checkout module). Others have a shop and also sell stuff on Bol (Bol and Cash Register module). Some want a webshop and opt for the LPos webshop module. Others only have a webshop and no physical store (so no cash register required). Some buy from Bij Bertus, others from Phononet, others only by email.

Hence modules and plugins: you only use (and pay) what you need.

An important reason why LPos chooses this is because of the belief that pricing should be "fair". If simply 1 fixed price were set for the entire software package (and therefore all modules would be offered at the same time), many users would pay for parts that they do not use. The threshold to use LPos would also become higher for small retailers (with modest turnover) and LPos would become too large / cumbersome for them.

The basic module (on which other modules can be "plugged in") is the "LPos core". Optional modules and plugins are for example: a Webshop module, Checkout module, Bol.com module, Discogs module, accounting module, Artwork module, Bertus plugin, Phononet plugin, etc, etc.

LPos core

Products, stock and prices

printscreen of products section with all filters open and active
printscreen of products section with all filters open and active

The basis of this modular system is the LPos core. LPos core is the basic module on which various other elements can be 'pricked'. The LPos core contains the most important things that are necessary for a buyer and seller, regardless of the chosen sales channel (or sales channels).

  • Stock management (minimum stock, free stock, reserved stock)
  • Extensive (search) filters, prices (purchase, sale), product information (artist, title, release date, linked genres and wholesalers, images, weight, etc)
  • Login / users (create accounts for employees and customers)
  • basic statistics / information about stock value (sub) categories to place products (genres, labels, carriers)
  • integration Gfk / Megacharts (passing on sales data mega top 50)
  • notepads (bulk tools)
  • SSL connection (https: with lock), backups, server use



Orders (outgoing) overview
Orders (outgoing) overview

The Orders module is included in the LPos core. The orders module consists of:


  • order list (what has been ordered, what is in the backorder, what are you going to order)
  • Purchasing information (while going through the orders to be placed, real-time see where the product is available at that moment (or cheapest, best delivery time) and order there with 1 press of a button)
  • Suppliers (wholesalers) with contact info (order email address) and possibly links with plugins
  • Improved packing lists (booking delivered products)
  • ordering from suppliers (via mail (included) or via the optional plugins)
  • API (for example to "shoot in" sales from an external system)
  • Order history
  • reorder overview (order advice list where minimum stock is higher than free stock)
  • KB (Customer Orders) system (in combination with cash register module and / or webshop module).



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